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Rollology is an exercise that anyone can do, regardless of their fitness level. It is a great way to  stretch and strengthen the abdominal core muscles, creating a longer, leaner, and more  symmetrical body. 

I first discovered Rollology while I was working on my own fitness journey. As a man, I was  skeptical at first that this gentle exercise would be able to provide me with the same benefits as  traditional yoga or Pilates exercises. But after trying it out for myself, I was amazed at how well  it worked! 

So, you might be asking yourself, "What the heck is Rollology?"  

I'll let you in on a little secret: it's a game-changer. So let's dive in to see what this exercise  entails. 

What is Rollology? 

There's no doubt that we increasingly rely on technology. From checking our email on our  phones to working at computers all day, it's easy to spend hours every day staring at screens.  And while this convenience comes with some obvious benefits, it also comes with some less  desirable side effects - neck and back pain. 

Fortunately, there is Rollology, a unique program designed to help counteract the effects of all  that time spent hunched over screens or sitting in chairs. Rollology uses a combination of yoga,  Pilates, and barre to help restore symmetry in the body and relieve tension in the neck and back.  In addition, the program can be easily incorporated into existing yoga or Pilates studio schedules,  making it a convenient way for people to get the relief they need. So if you're looking for a way  to reduce neck or alleviate back pain from sitting too much, Rollology may be just what you  need. 

The Rollology method starts with specific anchor points where you'll be directed to put your feet,  then works down to target muscles all over. 

My Experience With Rollology

When Aly first told me about Rollology, I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical. How could rolling  around on a foam roller help me with my fitness goals? But she was so enthusiastic and had such  great things to say about it that I decided to try it. And I'm happy I did! 

I'm a young, flexible man with poor posture when sitting and standing - my back slouches. I  started on the roller that was flat against a wall in a park; Aly tried to get me to sit straight up  while also keeping a proper distance so she could guide me through the posture.

After just 7-8 minutes in that posture, I felt loose and limber. However, it was like a weight lifted  off my back while Aly guided me through rigorous poses for the next hour. Her instruction  helped me focus on each area she targeted: core muscles, thoracic spine (midsection), and  hamstrings. 

After my Rollology session, I felt an overall sense of peace and calm. This was particularly  noticeable when I went to bed that night and was able to sleep peacefully without any pain in my  shoulders or back. 

One of the most significant changes I saw after the session was that my posture improved. For so  long, my shoulders and back had been hunched forward, but after the session, I was able to stand  up straight and keep my shoulders and back in alignment. This change has made a big difference  in my overall well-being and has helped me to avoid pain in my upper body.

The Benefits of Rollology

Suppose you're looking for a way to help reduce cellulite and speed up your post-workout  recovery. In that case, a foam roller is a must. Rollology foam rollers are specifically designed to  do the following:

  • Break up toxins and loosen fascia around the muscles
  • Aid in recovery
  • Improve posture
  • Promote a relaxed state of mind and body
The distinct cueing points on the roller help guide users to perform the exercises accurately,  ensuring optimal results. This aids in recovery, but it also helps to decrease cellulite by  stimulating the lymphatic system. 

Using the Rollology roller during a session is a form of self-massage designed to create proper  alignment that results in improved range of motion and flexibility. However, if you don't use the  proper technique, it can do more harm than good. Improper rolling, rotation, and positioning on  the foam roller can lead to inflammation, disk herniation, headaches, muscle spasms, and fatigue.  Additionally, over-rolling in one area can affect the nervous system and throw your body  mechanics out of whack.

Introduction to the founder 

For nearly two decades, Alyson Limehouse has been a leading authority on Pilates in Palm  Beach. She is highly respected and recognized in the Pilates community, having been personally  invited to join the prestigious Pilates Master Mentor Program by Lolita San Miguel herself.  

In addition to her years of teaching experience, Alyson is also the founder of Sunset Pilates,  which is one of the oldest and most well-established Pilates studios in Palm Beach. Through all  of her work as a teacher and studio owner, Alyson has developed a deep understanding of how to  help people achieve their fitness goals no matter what level they may be starting from.

As a Second-Generation Master Pilates Instructor, Alyson Limehouse developed Rollology by  organically constructing the Rollology roller movements and techniques with her clients on Palm  Beach. Recognizing that not everyone could afford traditional Pilates classes, she wanted to  create a style that was as effective and safe but more affordable.