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Alyson Limehouse, Founder of Rollology™

Alyson Limehouse, the founder and creator of Rollology Fitness, has been actively engaged in physical fitness her entire life. Like many women, Alyson faced challenges with body image and injuries, which led her on a journey to discover movement exercises that not only made her look and feel better but also prioritized her overall well-being.

After a life-changing event, Alyson pursued her passion for movement and enrolled in the Polestar Pilates rehabilitation program at the University of Miami. Over the course of two years, she underwent rigorous training with Polestar, gaining valuable knowledge and expertise.

Following her training, Alyson moved to Palm Beach Island and established the oldest existing Pilates studio on the island. As a single mother, she successfully balanced teaching Pilates, raising her child, and creating a sustainable income.

During this time, Alyson had the opportunity to study under Lolita San Miguel, becoming a Second Generation Master Pilates Instructor. Over the course of two years, she honed her skills and deepened her understanding of the human body. It was during this period that Alyson noticed changes in body styles and habits, prompting her to introduce group classes incorporating a Roller.

This marked the birth of Rollology, a unique and effective approach to achieving an amazing body. Alyson created Rollology not only for clients but also for instructors, empowering them to help their clients and generate income through this transformative practice. The intention behind becoming a Licensed Rollologist is to provide instructors with the tools to support their clients, avoid burnout, and create a sustainable income.

Today, Alyson exclusively teaches Rollology to her clients and instructors, firmly believing it to be the most affordable, portable, and efficient method for attaining a fit and healthy body. In addition to teaching Rollology, Alyson certifies and licenses instructors in Rollology Fitness, enabling them to acquire valuable knowledge and skills to share this transformative practice with their own clientele.

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