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Welcome to Rollology Fitness, a revolutionary approach to fitness designed for today's bodies. Created by Alyson Limehouse, a Second Generation Master Pilates Instructor and long-term movement expert, Rollology Fitness is specifically tailored to address the unique challenges faced by modern individuals. Unlike traditional practices such as yoga or Pilates, which originated decades and even centuries ago, Rollology Fitness recognizes the drastic changes our bodies have undergone in recent times

In today's digital age, our bodies are subjected to prolonged periods of sitting in hunched positions, whether it be behind a desk or while texting on our smartphones. This sedentary lifestyle has led to poor posture and weakened muscles. At Rollology Fitness, we understand the importance of countering these detrimental effects and restoring optimal health and vitality.

Through a series of specialized exercises and techniques, Rollology Fitness targets and relaxes overused muscles, while simultaneously strengthening and tightening the core. By incorporating regular Rollology sessions into your fitness routine, you will experience a remarkable transformation in just one month. Not only will you look and feel better, but you will also be better equipped to combat the negative impacts of today's bad body habits.

Our mission at Rollology Fitness is to help you recover from these habits quickly and effectively. By focusing on posture, spine alignment, and overall well-being, we empower you to actively participate in today's demanding lifestyle with confidence and vitality. Join us on this transformative journey and unlock the potential of your body to achieve a new level of strength, flexibility, and overall wellness.

Experience the difference that Rollology Fitness can make in your life. Take control of your body, improve your posture, and enhance your overall well-being. Start your journey with us today and discover the incredible benefits that Rollology Fitness has to offer.


There is no national program on the fitness scene that is addressing tech neck, poor posture, and foot alignment issues that is plaguing society today. Rollology™ not only addresses this chronic upcoming epidemic. The Rollology ™ Method flattens the abs, strengthens arms, and lengthens the legs to get a buff body.

Our Rollology™ teaching certification program is designed for fitness instructors to learn how to execute a safe and effective Rollology™ class for optimal results.


Rollology Roller is a game changer! This innovative fitness tool utilizes visual cues for proper alignment, eliminating guesswork for instructors and empowering clients to self-correct. The Rollology Roller's specific density provides the necessary challenge and engagement for your core muscles, ensuring a precise and effective workout.

In today's fitness landscape, the Rollology Roller stands out as a game-changer. Its visual cues make it easier for instructors, who are licensed Rollologists, to teach and guide clients with confidence. Simultaneously, these cues give clients the ability to visually assess their own alignment, enhancing their understanding and control over their movements.

Unlike soft rollers, the Rollology Roller's firmness and stability demand greater muscle contraction and prevent excessive relaxation. If the Rollology Roller is ‘too hard’ for dome clients , we have pads to soften the feel yet keep the challenge so muscles stay engaged. This precision and stability are crucial for maximizing the benefits of your workout and reducing the risk of misalignment-related injuries. By incorporating the Rollology Roller into your fitness routine, you can experience a new level of strength, stability, and alignment.

Join us on this transformative fitness journey and discover the incredible benefits of the Rollology Roller. Experience the power of visual cues, precise alignment, and engaged core muscles. Get your Rollology Roller today and unlock a new level of fitness