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With Father’s Day approaching, many men have adopted the “Dad Bod” and some of them aren’t even Dads! Rollology Fitness welcomes all Father’s and men to achieve their “Dream Bod” and say goodbye once and for all to the “Dad Bod”!

Men’s Health magazine and Health Line report common health ailments that predominantly plague men are cardiovascular disease, hernias, and herniated disks.  Rollology Fitness helps to address each of these issues to aid in prevention and/or aid in reducing pain from these pre-existing conditions.

Without saying any form of exercise is beneficial to heart health. Along with aerobic exercise, the top recommended exercises for a healthy heart concentrate on the core. Rollology Fitness starts with the core using our custom made Rollology™ foam roller working together by stretching and strengthening the abdominal core muscles to create a longer, leaner, and more symmetrical body. By using superficial and intrinsic core muscles we train the core muscles to support the spinal column creating flexibility, extension, rotation, side bending, and muscle strength so that each of 32 vertebrae of the spinal column can move independently and freely of each other. This helps to prevent severe back injuries and pain. Furthermore, the Rollology intrinsic core work helps keep muscles tight to keep organs in place to help prevent hernias and aid in reducing pain by existing hernias.

Rollology Fitness proves to be most challenging and beneficial for men because they are not used to engaging their intrinsic muscle groups. Men tend to participate in fitness activities that focus on the superficial muscle groups (quadriceps, biceps, rhomboids, rectus abdominis.) For example, men’s team sports such as football, baseball, soccer or individual exercises like running, weight lifting, etc. do not challenge all the essential muscles for optimal performance. Rollology targets your intrinsic muscles (serratus posterior superior& inferior, transverse abdominis, spinalis, infraspinatus) with small isometric movements; you are being forced to use balance while having strict alignment during each exercise making your workout more challenging to achieve desired results.

All things considered, Rollology Fitness can help improve overall quality of life. Not only will Dad look great, he will feel great! Dad can enjoy playing football, baseball, and ride bikes with the kids with ease, feeling confident in his own body and mobility.