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May 5th is worldly known as Cinco De Mayo or the day of the Kentucky Derby. However, most Pilates enthusiasts are referring to May 5, 2018 as Pilates Day – A day to celebrate Pilates. Globally, Pilates studios and individual instructors will be offering Pilates Day deals such as free Pilates mat classes. This year ROLLOLOGY Fitness will be at the Pilates Day Celebration in New York City. Many historical events will take place May 3rd –May 5th in honor of Pilates day, one of those events will be Lolita San Miguel’s Pilates Mat class at the Fountain Terrace in Bryant Park.

Lolita was personally certified by Joseph Pilates the creator of Contrology (otherwise known as Pilates) on February 2, 1967.

Joseph Pilates was born in Monchengladbach, Germany in 1883. In his early years, he suffered from various health ailments. Determined to overcome his poor health, he devoted himself to becoming an image of perfect health through fitness. During World War I, he interned with other German citizens where they trained other inmates in fitness and exercise. It is said, that was the beginning of the Pilates method we know today. Years later, he fled to the United States to escape the war and opened a fitness studio in New York where he trained many famous artists in the dance community.

Only a handful of people knew about Contrology when Joseph Pilates died in New York 1967. Joe told his lawyer before he passed that one day everyone will be doing Pilates.

Joe was right. Since his passing, every other year Lolita San Miguel has started hosting Pilates day in either New York or Monchengladbach, Germany.