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Sciatica is radiating pain along the path of the sciatic nerve that branches from your lower lumbar through your hips, buttocks and down each leg. In most cases, Sciatica affects only one side of your body.

Studies have shown individuals of the age of 20 and older are more likely to experience Sciatica. states; Sciatica is not a medical diagnosis but it is a symptom of an underlying medical condition. The sciatic nerve is usually aggravated by a pinched nerve, herniated disk, tight piriformis muscle, or bone spur that presses on the nerve resulting in constant and radiating pain on one side of the body. It is suggested to rest during the first 2 days of a sciatic flare up however, inactivity any more than 2 days after the flare up begins can increase unpleasant symptoms of this condition.

With the constant rise of technology, today’s society is immensely sedentary. However, prolonged periods without movement especially when having a sciatic flare up will slow down the body’s ability to bounce back. The muscles and spinal structures become weakened and deconditioned by immobility and it is increasingly more difficult to support the back. By strengthening the core and back muscles you provide more spinal support for the body. Research studies show that being active is a vital component for a healthy spine because it helps to exchange fluids and the nutrients within discs to prevent pressure on the sciatic nerve.

On the contrary, though living an active lifestyle is recommended for recovery and prevention of sciatica some exercise programs can aggravate symptoms or send you in to a sciatic flare up. Examples of how this can happen is over-stretching, carrying around heavy weight/lifting heavy weights, or performing exercises incorrectly in bad form.

Rollology Fitness is a safe, proven, and effective workout method that aids in the prevention and recovery of sciatica by lengthening the spine and creating flexibility. Rollology concentrates on stretching and strengthening the abdominal core muscles to properly align and support the body for optimal posture. Our exercises are done in neutral spine with the Rollology foam roller with precise cueing and speed so that each client is accurately performing each exercise to reduce risk of injury and ensure remarkable results.

One of our featured exercises designed to relieve sciatic pain – The “Tailor Stretch” focuses on shoulder stability, core rotation, trunk flexibility, core/oblique strengthening, as well as opening the hips. This exercise helps to loosen the piriformis muscle in addition to, relaxing the spine and creating space between the vertebrae to alleviate pain from a pinched nerve. This is achieved by proper foot, hand, and hip placements during each exercise.

Don’t let sciatic pain slow you down from living your best life! Look good and feel good with Rollology Fitness.