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Corydon Physiotherapy claims that “Tech Neck is the Epidemic of Neck Pain.” Society today, falls victim to holding our head forward and flexed down looking at our smart phones and laptops – a common bad habit that is causing today’s society chronic neck pain.

While looking at our devices it is causing us to lean forward and look down bringing the weight of our head in to a position that creates it to be heavier than it should if aligned properly.

You might have Tech Neck if you are experiencing…

  1. Neck pain
  2. Headaches/Migraines
  3. Poor posture
  4. Numbness and tension in your fingers

While our devices are making life easier they are putting strain on our bodies resulting in long term detriments. We all have that Great Aunt Susie that has a Dowager’s Hump on her back however, Tech neck is contributing to growing a Dowager’s Hump before you’re 40 years old!

The ROLLOLOGY Method with the ROLLOLOGY foam roller can reduce the effects of Tech Neck. The ROLLOLOGY exercises with the ROLLOLOGY foam roller class teaches the body to go back in to neutral spine while engaging the core to help support the spine, neck, and head. Most of our exercises are done in alignment with the head stacked properly on the body. This strengthens the neck muscles along with the shoulders to help prevent the head from coming forward – the root cause of Tech Neck. In addition to strengthening, ROLLOLOGY stretches your body to make the neck, head, and shoulders MORE flexible. This makes it possible to do every day activities and sports with ease and reduced pain.