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I have been utilizing a foam roller for pre-and post workout recovery for several years.  It was just a little over a year ago when Alyson Limehouse, the founder of Rollology™ Fitness, invited me to one of her classes.  I expected some stretching and using the roller for SMR or self-myofascial release massage but this class was way more than that!

Alyson began the class with direction on proper posture and alignment.  While seated, the foam roller is placed behind you to help align your spine correctly.  Alyson gives tips on how to appropriately breathe through each posture and takes the time to correct your alignment.  One of my favorite sets of moves are the bride arms.  These small movements target that underarm flab and are much more difficult than they look.  We then transitioned to laying on top of the roller and focused on core strength and mobility moves.  These flowed into sets of leg toning and lengthening exercises.  The class also includes a set of foot and ankle exercises emphasizing the importance of strong, mobile and well aligned foot and ankle muscles, fascia and joints.

Rollology™ targets each and every part of your body helping to strengthen core muscles, improve alignment, posture and balance.  It also helps strengthen arms and legs, can aid in decreasing cellulite and promotes flexibility. Another plus, is that the Rollology™ Fitness program can be modified for the elderly, those with injuries or people recovering from surgery.  I recommend attending these classes as part of your workout or physical therapy routine on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  Once learning how to perform the movements correctly, you can definitely do them at home or whenever it is convenient.  The beauty of this type of Pilates is that it can be done anywhere at any time.

Another health benefit is the treatment of “Tech Neck“.  Many of of us hold our heads forward and flexed down looking at our smart phones and laptops.  Looking at our devices we lean forward and look down bringing the weight of our head into a position that causes it to be heavier putting more stress and strain on our bodies.  Those prolonged periods of hunching over our screens are slowly causing our necks to stay in that more forward position.  The strained tissues lose their pliability causing a lot of pain and dysfunction. Some may even experience neck pain, headaches/migraines and numbness/tension in your fingers.  Tech neck is leading to an extremely unattractive posture called kyphosis or rounding of the upper back aka Dowager’s Hump at a very early age!  Rollology™ exercises teaches the body to go back into a neutral spine while engaging the core to help support the spine, neck and head. This helps to strengthen the neck muscles along with the shoulders to help prevent the head from coming forward.  Your body will also be stretched to make the neck, head and shoulders more flexible.

Rollology fitness classes help make it possible to do every day activities and sports with ease and reduced pain.  It is the perfect workout because it helps strengthen, stabilize, align, mobilize and stretch every part of your body in little over an hour.  Anyone can participate no matter what age, gender or fitness level. All you need is a mat and a custom designed Rollology™ Roller. The Rollology™ Roller is a medium density roller that is custom designed for Rollology™ workouts, physical therapy, before or after exercise, yoga and massage therapy.  “In 2018, you can do many forms of exercises that build and strengthen muscles but may also be setting you up for neck or back pain with surgery as the end result”, says Alyson Limehouse.  “Rollology™ not only strengthens and lengthens muscles it also works out the body in proper alignment and neutral spine.  By focusing on alignment while exercising with Rollology, you can successfully workout to reduce the chances of surgeries in the future while creating a symmetrical and firm body.”

Immediately following your first Rollology™ class, you can see and feel the difference in your posture and alignment.  I soon decided to become a Rollologist™ (certified licensed rollology™ instructor). It is important for me to be able to provide my patients and clients a well-rounded treatment plan.  Your feet and ankles are definitely your foundation for movement, but you do need a strong core, proper pelvic and spinal alignment and balance to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.  I currently provide private sessions with my patients and plan on teaching classes beginning spring/summer 2018.  For more information follow me on social media FacebookInstagram or Twitter.  


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