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16 Hours | $ABOVE/1 Days

Rollology™ Pre and Post Natal Rollology™ has had over 5 years of training with pre and post natal women. Rollology™ exercises that are designed with Pregnancy and Post natal recovery in mind. We focus on pelvic floor, stretching and lower back relief. Total Hours: 16 | Cost: $450.00
Rollology™ Advance This Class is for the hard Core! We take it up a notch from the basic class times 10! Total Hours: 10 | Cost: $325.00
Rollology™ One on One This is for the Chiropractor or Physical therapist who needs to give attention to each client based on their individual needs. Total Hours: 8 | Cost: $295.00
Rollology™ For Addiction Therapy Rollology™ has over 7 years of experience to teaching this Method to patients in Recovery Programs. Addiction issues are a growing problem in the world. These group exercise class has proven results to help the addict in recovery learn how to reduce pain in a healthy form. Also helps with posture and self esteem. Total hours: 8 | Cost: $295.00
Roll Lattes Pilates moves safely combined with Rollology™ techniquesWith Pilates Certification Total hours: 8 | Cost: $295